What does it do?

When used properly, the Bone Prop:

  • Increases oral space to improve resonance

  • Increases tongue muscularity for consonants

  • Releases tight, squeezed articulation

  • Encourages forward placement

  • Establishes muscle tone in an overly slack jaw

  • Improves lip muscularity and movement

  • Tones up the cheek muscles (buccal cavity)

  • Establishes muscle memory for good, supported speech

  • Accelerates the elimination of old speech habits

  • Aids accent softening

  • Provides neutral ground for new accent configurations

How is it used?

The Morrison Bone Prop comes with a set of instructions for best practice and a sequence of jaw release exercises to ensure you make good progress. Annie also takes you through these exercises in a series of online tutorials, available here.

The MBP is designed to highlight areas of habitual tension in the articulators (lips, tongue, jaw, soft palate) and facilitate release of this tension whilst speaking. New neuromuscular pathways are established, which become hardwired with practice. It is one thing to relax the jaw through massage and exercise, but quite another to maintain a released jaw when speaking.

Who is it for?

The MBP is used throughout the UK and internationally, by professional actors, drama students and voice teachers, enabling them to meet the demands of the modern stage and screen. 

Individuals on accent softening programmes, professional and amateur singers, say the Bone Prop is an invaluable aid. 

Corporate trainers interested in improving clients’ communication skills find it helps them achieve their goals more efficiently.

Are there discounts for institutions or schools?

Yes, we offer discounts on bulk orders of The Morrison Bone Prop. Please contact us to find out more. Contact

Where can I find tutorials?

Video tutorials for beginners are available here.

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