Made to an original design by Annie Morrison LCST ADVS, The Morrison Bone Prop is hygienic, easy to use and helps to rapidly improve vocal resonance and clarity of diction.

Lightly held between the teeth whilst performing articulation drills and vocal exercises – the Prop increases the oral space without the need to bite down to hold it in place.

The dubious practice of using makeshift ‘props’ of various shapes, sizes and materials for vocal training should be avoided. e.g. corks, pens and even sawn off toothbrush handles.

This practice is not only unhygienic, it presents a choking hazard and produces additional jaw tension. The Morrison Bone Prop removes this risk.



Each Prop is made from dental quality plastic for optimum hygiene and durability, and is available in range of 8 colours:



The ribbon is Parisian fine muslin - lightweight, quick-drying and strong enough to withstand long-term use. Available in a range of 11 colours:


Annie Morrison  

Annie Morrison has worked for over 40 years as a speech & voice therapist and voice teacher specialising in performance.

She teaches in leading drama schools, is a consultant to the UK’s major theatre companies and film directors, and runs workshop seminars for other voice professionals.

Underpinned by her sound therapeutic and technical training, her work is intuitive, imaginative and playful.

To find out more about Annie Morrison’s professional practice and workshops, please visit www.anniemorrison.co.uk